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Our Services:

Commercial and residential installations

24hr Emergency call out

Wire Maintenance and management

Servicing and repairs

Power Point maintenance and installations

Ethernet installation

All types of light fittings and power points

Servicing and repairs

Down Light Installations

Our Pricing depend on the job:

  • General work $120 call out - $75 every other hour
  • Electrical Maintenance - $100
  • Power Point Installations - $125 per install
  • Safety Switch Installation - $300
  • Ethernet Installation - $100 per install
  • Phone Outlets - $75 per install
  • House Rewiring - Starts from $4000 *Call for a quote

Hours are rounded up for pricing purposes for example: If work takes 20 minutes to complete you will charge for the full hour.

For more information on pricing please give us a call.


North Strathfield



About Us - Your Local Strathfield Electricians:

We have been in business for this long and have been servicing the strathfield area for quite some time now. We are looking to provide top quality work and affordable prices...

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